About Gameplay Galaxy

The original creators behind ‘Trial Xtreme’ the blockbuster series with over 250,000,000 downloads, leading App stores charts and one of the world’s leading mobile games bike racing category.

Join one of the most well- funded, experienced teams in the Web3 gaming space today in making this natural gaming evolution come to life. We are beyond excited to be one of the first group of highly experienced game creators and publishers that will utilize the Web3 concepts, capabilities and innovative technologies to create and build massive gaming projects that will become the natural metaverse space for our players, competitive gamers and the Web3 guilds supported by the biggest brands from all over the world.

We are now in search of highly motivated team players, passionate about Web3, Blockchain Gaming and the fast-growing crypto world. It’s time to join in!

We are “Game First” company, all we care about is that our players will have a great gaming experience. check out our view 


We are looking for experienced Game’s Economist

If you have a passion for games and their economies, coins logic, crypto tokenomics, mathematical formulas and modeling and always wanted to be part of the most innovative and talented team in the Web3 gaming space . It’s time to join!

This is a unique opportunity to join the most exciting space in the gaming industry today, game economy in the new innovating Web3 blockchain gaming space is the most exciting job out there today for anyone who has passion for numbers, economy and entertainment. Now you can take an important part in today’s most desirable position in the gaming industry, you will challenge yourself, your team and our growing international well-known brand, to the next level of excellence. 

We are open to candidates of all backgrounds and educational levels. If you have strong opinions on Axie Infinity’s tokenomics and NFT utilities, how to make better CryptoKitties, Gameplay’s plan to regain its USD peg, or the long-term sustainability of Gitcoin, we want to talk to you!

Job Role and Responsibility:

  • As the project’s economist, you will be part of the designing and crafting game’s sustainable economies
  • Balancing the equilibrium of token demand and supply for our complex and dynamic ecosystem of xtreme games. 
  • Model the dynamics of in-game items (NFTs) and our multi tokens system
  • Create, develop, test and maintain the games tokenomic policy. 
  • Invent and rapidly test innovative uses of blockchain and new methods of token analysis
  • Collaborate with our game’s development team to add sustainable capital flows to our game design, taking a leading role as part of the game’s product design team 
  • Explore existing and new best practices from other successful games with virtual economy
  • Designing different ideals and testing different models to find the ones that works specifically for our games and our long term ecosystem


  • MS or PhD in economics, finance, statistics, or mathematics
  • Experience in building economy models or games’ economy and monetisation models
  • Passion for games and tokenomic planning 

Nice to have:

  • Experience in launching a successful tokennomic plan for a successful project

Gameplay Galaxy offers:

  • Being part of the project’s builders and part of a fast-growing, most promising project in the Web3 gaming space;
  • Comfortable work schedule and stable workload;
  • If you like, 100% remote work forever;
  • Diversity of tasks and constant professional development;
  • Special company culture with open, informal team communication, encouraging creativity, unique contribution and leadership from everyone in the team.
  • Competitive salary; equity, and special bonus package
  • We want our team to grow personally, we sponsor training opportunities.

We are in search of unique people who are strong in defining their work goals and visions, as we work entirely remotely, our team defines their own working hours and work schedule. We are looking for team players that have the will and ability to adapt fast and smoothly to the fast paced changing environment we are creating and building in. we are looking for humans who are craving the biggest opportunity in life – joining the most promising group of ‘world changing’ builders

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: remote

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